Angel Laws is a well-respected blogger, best-selling author, photographer and newly minted jewelry designer. The 30 year-old is best known for creating the now defunct entertainment blog, Concrete Loop. The site operated from 2005-2014 and garnered attention from U.S. President Barack Obama, Time Magazine and awarded Angel with numerous accolades, including a lifetime achievement award from The Black Weblog Awards. Her book Angel’s Laws of Blogging is an Amazon best seller and she frequently attends media conferences to lend her expertise on the ever changing blogging profession.

Since the closing of her entertainment blog and relocating, Angel is currently focusing freelance graphic design work, publishing her second book and consulting those who are interested in the blogging field.

ANGELONFIRE.COM is her outlet for expression and creativity. It is also a place where she can share her opinion on various topics.

If you would like to contact Angel, click here.