USA Network has a hit on their hands with Mr. Robot. The premiere episode was a refreshing look at society and how being connected has harmed us. It also touches on the conspiracy theories that many people believe.

Actor Rami Malek plays the highly intelligent computer programmer / hacker Elliot who believes that there is a group of rich men who run and manipulate the world to their liking (a play on The Illuminati). He works as an IT security guy by day and does amazing online research hack jobs by night.

In the opening scene for the premiere episode, Elliot confronts a business owner about his illegal internet use and network setup. This scene gave me major DEXTER vibes because of the vigilante angle. You know, the supposedly good guy goes after bad guy because he has a dark passenger inside of him. Elliot’s dark passenger is his need to decode and code everything and if something seems off to him, he has to figure out why. Once he does figure it out, he simply exposes the person and then goes on to the next hack.

You can view this scene in the clip above.

Some of these scenes where he is going online to find information really shows you how much info people put online. Of course we all know this, but it’s still eye-opening to view it in the context of a hacker.

I won’t break down the whole episode right now, but I might start doing weekly recaps. It’s definitely worth a watch though because it’s a up to date take on the connected and highly manipulated world. The writers are on point.

Catch Mr. Robot on USA every Wednesday as 10pm EST, I know I will.



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