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Check out the latest Sharper Image product I was blessed enough to get my hands on! It’s their 700 watt Super Juicer!! I decided to try it out with some strawberries and apples. I couldn’t believe that the actual Apple fit though the chopper output too. Crazy. It was real easy to setup and the juice was banging.

As for cleanup, it has a back bucket where some of the excess pulp goes. You can either juice it some more or dump & clean. As for the chopper, warm water worked for me and you can take the pieces out easily to clean.

For those of you wondering if this is worth it? I say a blender is a tad bit better because you get ALL the vitamins & pulp from whatever you want to juice but the great thing about this is that there wasn’t that much pulp left.

In conclusion, even though a blender is easier the @sharperimageofficial super juicer is a great & affordable alternative. Great gift for the holiday season too!

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