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2012 was a rough and enlightening year for me. I experienced a lot of ups and downs. Lost a lot of “friends” and had to come to a lot of realizations. However, everything has happened as it should because I have now found happiness. I no longer look towards people, places or things for it. I have found it within myself. Love of self is key and even though I’m still mastering this philosophy, I noticed that my happiness is now shining on the outside. My beauty radiates naturally from within.

Reflection is an important part of growth. If you don’t sit and appreciate how far you have come or sit and set out goals for the future, you will be running a never ending race with yourself. I was going hard for 7 years and never once took the time out for me and it all came to a head this year. I’m happy I am now back on track and moving forward with my goals.

Thank you God for blessing me and making me realize that I can’t please anyone if I wasn’t mentally happy with myself. I’m ready to take on 2013 w/ motivation, positivity, courage, inspiration and love. I have so much more in store and I’m excited to see what God has in the works.. Happy New Year!
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    My Sentiments. Exactly. thank you, Angel Laws! :)
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    I wish one day to be at that same point in my life. As much as I agree that not being in tune with myself can be the...
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    That’s strange feeling, when you can relate to people that you don’t even know
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